133 Moolanda Boulevard, Kingsley, WA 6026
Mon-Fri 6.45 am - 6.00 pm, Sat-Sun Closed

The Possum (Toddler) Room

Our Possum Room at Moolanda caters for children who have outgrown their baby stage, and are exploring their independence. We have 3 full-time Educators who are fun, active and invested in our curious little friends. We are lucky to have members of our OSHC team join us from around 9 am each day allowing for 4 Educators in the room.

The Possums at Moolanda are extremely lucky to have a HUGE outdoor area for them to climb, swing, run, jump and, of course, LEARN!
Their indoor area is set up in an inviting yet challenging way to encourage a number of developmental milestones.

We encourage a lot of self-help skills in the Possum room including self-application of sunscreen of their arms and legs, blowing their own noses, putting their own shoes on, self-serving at mealtimes and...TOILET TRAINING!

Toilet training tends to begin in the Possum Room and our Educators are more than happy to help! With our child-size toilets, sinks and potties toilet training shouldn't be as scary as some may feel... especially when their little friends are by their side!

All meals are provided for and cooked by Geraldine. Upon enrolment please discuss with Educators if your child has any allergies or dietary requirements and Geraldine will cater to these.

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