133 Moolanda Boulevard, Kingsley, WA 6026
Mon-Fri 6.45 am - 6.00 pm, Sat-Sun Closed

The Quokka (Pre-Kindy) Room

Our Quokka room offers the next stage of challenge and learning for your child, helping them to explore and learn in a supportive, inclusive environment. Our Quokka educators will assist your child on their toilet-training journey, as well as helping them to master skills such as putting their socks and shoes on, blowing their noses and applying sunscreen to their own arms and legs. 

We also offer opportunities for them to start exploring literacy and numeracy experiences, and writing their own names.

We have a large outdoor area that is shared with our Kindy friends, allowing them to build friendships through play. We are lucky to have large native trees, offering an abundance of shade and wildlife to look at whilst they explore the outdoor environments.

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