About the Centre:

Moolanda Care and Learning Centre Inc. welcomed the first group of children and parents in 1987 when it opened as a community-based long day-care centre. In 2000 and again in 2007 the service was extended to operate Out of School Hours Care (OSHC). 

Moolanda Care and Learning Centre was purpose built, with Federal funding, and aims to provide the best quality care and stimulating developmental programs. The centre is operated by a Management Committee comprising of families who utilise Moolanda's services.

Moolanda Care and Learning Centre's Philosophy:

Moolanda Care and Learning Centre prides itself on being a caring environment, a home away from home.

Our aim is to provide learning opportunities that build upon each child's strengths whilst challenging them to explore their potential.

Children are encouraged to ask questions to gain an understanding of the world and their place in it.
We believe each child has a voice and at Moolanda each child is encouraged to express it.

Through play, the children become involved learners and develop an awareness of their own confidence and abilities.
The environment in which the children play should be loving, accepting, safe and secure as well as being a place for spontaneity.
Children are given the opportunity to experiment and explore to allow their curious minds to make magic!

Whilst encouraging children to be risk takers, explorers, problem solvers, collaborators, scientists, mathematicians, story tellers and artists, we encourage each child to achieve their best socially, emotionally and academically.

Our aim is to create a smooth and caring transition from home to Moolanda through partnerships with families and our local community. We aim to utilize these partnerships within our curriculum to optimize each child's learning, connection and contribution to their community.
We believe our families are our greatest resource and we encourage their participation and feedback to support our continuous improvement.

At Moolanda we embrace and accept cultural diversity and encourage equity through our daily practices. We invite families to be involved in our annual calendar of events to celebrate cultural traditions and celebrations. This is then embedded into our curriculum.

Our curriculum responds to children's ideas and play whilst using intentional teaching to scaffold and extend each child's enjoyment in learning.
Critical reflection, current knowledge and individual interests are the foundation of our program.

Our Educators at Moolanda are thoughtful, they show love, care and respect to every child and their family and pride themselves on the relationships that they build.
Our Educators regularly seek out opportunities for themselves to learn, grow and demonstrate in their day to day practices.
The knowledge gained from external training sessions are embedded into our curriculum from 'how to write an observation' to the creation of resources to facilitate and extend on children's learning and development.

It is our belief that when our children, Educators and families of Moolanda intertwine,
it creates the unmistakeable essence that is unique and recognised as that of
'Moolanda Care and Learning Centre.'

Centre Details

Address: 133 Moolanda Boulevard, Kingsley,                     WA 6026

Phone:      9309 1722

OSHC Services
--St Luke's Catholic Primary School, 

17 Duffy Terrace, Woodvale, WA 6026

--Halidon Primary School, 38 Halidon Street, Kingsley WA 6026

Pick ups and drop offs are also available from Goollelal and Creaney Primary Schools.

133 Moolanda Boulevard

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